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Hi~ My Name's Kevin~
Born in 9th April 1989
18 years old now! young man~ haha

And in love(deeply)

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: To give her Happiness forever no matter what

Currently Still a Student who's eager to finish his studies in order to earn bucks for some important reasons haha =p

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  • Sunday, April 22, 2007 Sunday, April 22, 2007

    Sad prediction..

    so yea,i predict that even tho i told u to go home n sleep right after uve sent nic off.ure going to go out with ur frens despite me telling to go home n sleep.this is wht u'll say,"ya sry..but its not that often for me to get the chance to go out and have fun with my frens right?!jgn paksa gt nah..aq gk suka nah.."

    another possibility is that even tho u went home,u will not sleep n u'll say,"ya jgn maksa,aq gk mo bobo nah..udah biarin aku jg baik2 aja =( aku kn juga udh pulang sperti apa yg km mau..=("

    so what im left to say is, " ya..ya udah terserah deh ya sayang,km jaga dri aja ya jgn ampe sakit ya..i love u.."

    so in total,the probability of either one of these scenarios occurring is 99.99%
    so now im really sad..ya..tts all then..i jus wanna type this out to prove tt i knw u well enuff to tell whats gonna happen..nites..ive been doing this several times and ive always been right lol..

    i hope u'll prove me wrong this time cinta..=( i love u..

    P.S. after reading this too,i think ure gonna say sth.im not gonna write it out tho lol..i love u..

    my words at Sunday, April 22, 2007
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