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Hi~ My Name's Kevin~
Born in 9th April 1989
18 years old now! young man~ haha

And in love(deeply)

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: To give her Happiness forever no matter what

Currently Still a Student who's eager to finish his studies in order to earn bucks for some important reasons haha =p

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  • Wednesday, February 07, 2007 Wednesday, February 07, 2007

    Today's nonsense

    All riggghhtt..~~ i woke up at 11 todaay.. haha i guess i was even more exhausted than i thought i was~phew~
    so today i woke up,turned on my laptop to wait for that special someone to go online~~haha and while doing so i had my breakfast~~ noodle,kriuk~~hauahuahua
    I was online practically the whole day today~ stayed at home and chatted till 6pm..that was when i went out to buy some books and gifts! but sadly the things that i was after were all sold out..heh whatre the chances of that happening..geez~haha~ so it was 8pm when i got back from all that and back to msn!chat chat chat n now i find myself blogging hahaha~~
    well thats it then for today,since i hardly did anything,theres nothing much to write other than i miss you tna..em velous waylas..
    ~Em Velou Waylas~

    my words at Wednesday, February 07, 2007
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