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Hi~ My Name's Kevin~
Born in 9th April 1989
18 years old now! young man~ haha

And in love(deeply)

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: To give her Happiness forever no matter what

Currently Still a Student who's eager to finish his studies in order to earn bucks for some important reasons haha =p

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  • Monday, February 26, 2007 Monday, February 26, 2007

    Can't Stop Thinking About You

    Hello..Just felt like blogging today hoping to make someone happy haha~=p
    And i'm sorry..im really sorry..u know what i mean..=(

    Yeaa~Woke up at 9.30 today,had some lame dreams lol.. Did my own preperation for schl later,n yeah finishing up homework.After that,off i went to the library again to chat with Tina(love her^^) before heading off for my Maths class.
    Today's class was a kind that ive never had before haha~ we used the computer for maths,learning how to tabulate this n that,in short,we learned how to use MINITAB,VS 14. haha

    So now actually,im back in the library again~ chatting with my Tina(love her lots^^ miss her too) 2 weeks have passed now~14 weeks left to go!

    well thats it then for today,cuz i didnt do anything much hahaa~

    i love u so much all right..=)

    Em Velou Waylas

    my words at Monday, February 26, 2007
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